Procédé de réduction de la teneur en fluor lors de la production de concentrés protéinés à partir de krill

Verfahren zur verringerung des fluoridgehalts bei der herstellung proteinöser konzentrate aus krill

Process for reducing the fluoride content when producing proteinaceous concentrates from krill


Fluorine being present in the exoskeleton of crustaceans, and especially krill represents a problem for using krill as a source for food, feed, food additives and/or feed additives. There has been developed a process for removing such fluorine from krill material by subjecting the krill to disintegration and to an enzymatic hydrolysis process prior to or simultaneously with a removal of the exoskeleton particles producing a fluorine-reduced product. Inherent in the disclosed process is the ability to process krill material with a high polar lipid content for producing superior quality, low fluorine, products suitable for the food and feed as well as the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and cosmetic industry.




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