Oleanen-artige Triterpenglycoside als Maskierungsmittel

Glycosides de triterpène de type oléanène en tant qu'agents de masquage

Oleanene-type triterpene glycosides as masking agents


The present invention relates to the use of certain oleanene-type triterpene glycosides of formula (I) and/or physiologically acceptable salts thereof wherein M is hydrogen or hydroxyl, preferably hydroxyl, and A is a carbohydrate moiety, preferably an oligosaccharide moiety, for modifying (i.e. modulating) or masking (i.e. reducing or suppressing) unpleasant taste impressions, in particular bitter and/or astringent taste impressions and to a corresponding method for modulating or masking an unpleasant taste of a substance or substance mixture. The present invention also relates to compositions, in particular orally consumable compositions, comprising (a) one or more compounds of formula (I) or a physiologically acceptable salt thereof, and (b) one or more substances with unpleasant taste, in particular bitter and/or astringent taste.




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