Photographic element

Elément photographique

Photographisches Element


A photographic element comprising a support having provided thereon a light-sensitive layer, a transparent magnetic recording layer, and a transparent reinforced filler layer coated over the transparent magnetic recording layer, the transparent magnetic recording layer comprising a transparent polymeric binder and ferro-magnetic particles, the magnetic particles having a surface area greater than 30 m²/gm and a coverage of from about 1x10⁻¹¹ mg/µm³ to about 3x10⁻¹⁰ mg/µm³, the transparent reinforced filler layer comprising a transparent polymeric binder and filler particles, the filler particles having a median diameter of less than 0.15 µm, a Mohs hardness of at least 6 and being present in an amount of from about 20 to about 300 percent by weight based on the weight of the polymeric binder.




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