Verfahren zur Herstellung von Estern

Ester production, especially butyl acetate in good purity


Production of an ester (I) from alcohol (II) and carboxylic acid (III) involves (a) passing a mixture containing (II) and/or (III) into a distillation column with separate zones for reactive inserts (A) below, and conventional inserts (B) above, the inlet; (b) reacting (II) with (III) on the reactive inserts in the presence of a catalyst; (c) separating the reaction mixture into higher-boiling (I) in the reboiler and lower-boiling azeotrope of (II), water and (I) at the top; and (d) phase separation of the azeotrope into an organic phase, which is recycled, and an aqueous phase. Specifically, (i) a heterogeneous catalyst is used in stage (b); and (ii) (I) is discharged as pure product above the reboiler inlet and between other conventional inserts (C), which are different from inserts (B). Also claimed is the plant used in the process.




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